Events at Ellerslie Event Centre under the new ‘traffic light system'

We are currently operating under 'Orange'

Ellerslie Event Centre takes the health and safety of its staff and you, our valued clients and your delegates, seriously.


As such, we are taking a precautionary approach and closely following the Ministry of Health’s advice so that we can ensure you are able to enjoy our facilities safely during your event.


From 11.59pm, Monday 4 April 2022, vaccine passes are no longer required to gain entry into Ellerslie Event Centre and while masks are encouraged, they are not required at the Orange setting.

For your peace of mind, all of our staff are double-vaccinated and customer-facing staff will be wearing masks for your event. 

Below you can read an overview of further requirements and details for each level of the traffic light setting.

Traffic light 6 April.PNG

** Masks
• Everyone must wear a mask that is attached to the face by loops around the ears or head. This means people can no longer use scarves, bandannas or t-shirts as face coverings
• In the red setting, the only exception where masks are not required is once inside any event or gathering that has hired exclusive use of a defined space (I.e. where other people cannot mix with your guests). If you are unsure whether your event meets this criteria, please ask your account manager

• In the orange setting, you do not need to wear a face mask at an event, either indoors or outdoors, we do however encourage masks to be worn indoors.


*** Food & beverage service
In the red setting, if your event is a private event/gathering with exclusive use of the space, people do not need to sit down to eat or drink and self service catering is available.

Vaccine passes are no longer required
• Although vaccine certificates are no longer required to be presented by guests, we can assure guests that staff working on site are double-vaccinated against COVID-19


Record keeping / scanning is no longer required


Keeping you safe

• Any roles that have been deemed as requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate (CVC) will only be carried out by staff members who have a CVC
• Where traffic lights dictate, staff will wear medical-grade masks throughout the duration of your event
• Staff who are experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness will be required to stay away from our venue or leave immediately in the event symptoms or illness starts to appear during a shift.


Thank you,


The team at Ellerslie Event Centre

We kindly ask that clients communicate these requirements prior to arrival to all event attendees (including but not limited to, staff, invitees and contractors).