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How To: Get The Most Out Of Your Exhibition Stand

Trade fairs and displays have been putting buyers and sellers together for centuries. While today’s marketers have many communications options available to them, they continue to consistently use exhibitions and trade shows to invest their marketing dollar in, as they deliver measureable results.

When you attend a trade show or exhibition, remember your audience has often been required to be qualified, pre-register or pay to gain entry. Providing you are prepared to maximise the opportunity by following a few simple, common sense practises, you can leverage the rewards of developing one on one relationships with a large number of people within a short period of time, who are interested in your product or services.

Here are some tips to make the most of your exhibition stand:

Have a plan and goals

  • Make sure you measure your success and ROI

Make sure your stand is as visible as possible.

  • If your budget allows, brief a professional display company to create a visually impactful display. They are always helpful and have options for even a shoestring budget.

Your staff and their demeanour are critical.

  • Ensure they are approachable, knowledgeable energetic people who want to be there and are passionate about the goods or services you are selling & displaying.

  • Keep the stand clean and uncluttered.

  • Avoid the temptation to sit on your stand when quiet and reply to emails on your laptop or phone, it gives the impression you are not interested.

Encourage visitors and engage.

  • Don’t ignore people who are curious about your stand.

  • Use interactive technology such as iPads and touch screens if your budget runs to it. For example, there are i pad stands available to hire now which securely fix i pad’s to a pole stand or booth wall that people can use to interact with your product.

Be proactive about collecting contact details of people you meet.

Follow up leads promptly.

  • Contact your visitors, remind them of your offers and discussions made at the stand and convert these leads into customers or future customers.

Measure your results and ROI.

These tips are provided by our friends at Peek Exhibition. With almost 90 years experience, they can help make your stand or display a success.




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