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What's Hot: Event style by Red Creative 2.0

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration from an expert.

We spoke to the event styling specialists at Red Creative who walked us through some of this season’s best event styling trends.

Easy and affordable, we love their second tip which we must say, was a stand-out at one of our racing events in Cuvee. You can't go wrong with this one…


Says Red Creative...

"Balloons are back baby! But we’re not talking DIY balloon topiaries here.

Gorgeous organic forms cascade across walls and ceiling cavities, creep from windows and down staircases and cover entire building fronts.

Bold, repeating balloon walls make stunning backdrops for stages and frame entries.

With this trend bigger is better, approach it at anything less than 100% and you’ll end up with a sad balloon flop.

Ensure you follow your balloon artist’s recommendations on budget and really fill the space.

Bonus points for chrome finish balloons - adding that extra flair."

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Images 1 & 2: Red Creative Insta: @redcreative_insta

Image 3 // Red Creative Insta @redcreative_insta | Lunar (Balloon Install) Insta: @lunar_balloons | La Lumiere (Pendant Lights) insta: @la_lumiere_nz

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