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Our 'Top 5' tips for keeping your delegates engaged

A schedule made up of an 8am arrival time, a full days training schedule, and a late finish with compulsory mixing and mingling begs the question… how do you keep everyone's attention without an espresso shot every 45 minutes?

Don't worry. We've got you covered.

Keep reading for our top 5 tips and tricks to making sure your delegates are getting the most out of their day, and you’re getting the most out of them.

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Tip #1 - Control the A.C

As soon as that room gets warm and guests have been seated for some time, you'll start to lose them. We recommend keeping the A.C going but make sure it's not uncomfortably cold (they're not penguins!) - just enough to keep them alert.

Pro tip: 21°C works a treat.

Tip #2 - The afternoon 'food coma' is real

Select a menu which is lighter at lunch. We’ve all experienced the afternoon slump from indulging in a sausage roll too many. Keep your menu light, fresh and tasty to ensure the day doesn't grind to halt after 12.

Pro tip: salads, sushi and wraps are always winners.

Tip #3 - Take it outside

Nothing wakes you up better than lungs full of fresh air. Ask your guests to step outside for 5 minutes, have a quick walk and stretch their legs. Here at Ellerslie Event Centre, we have the luxury of being based at a racecourse meaning lots of lovely grass and plenty of outdoor space. Use our outdoor seating/stands to have a 15 min 'breakout' to mix things up and take it outside.

Tip #4 - Switch things up

Change teams during the day. When planning the event, at each place setting, allocate a number i.e. 1 to 6, then after morning tea or lunch get all the numbers to up and move to their new group. This way guests are interacting with and speaking to more people and are thus more likely to stay engaged.

Tip #5 - If in doubt, fire up the coffee machine…


Guest writer: Emily Rackham, Account Manager - Events at Ellerslie Event Centre.

Emily is an event expert who can tackle anything from a wedding or a conference to a music festival. In NZ from England, she has had a wealth of experience the world over.

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