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Tips: A creative way to help have a productive meeting

Have you ever left a business meeting and felt like it wasn't very productive? Perhaps everyone was tired, no one felt engaged or there was no real purpose for it.

Productive meetings can be hard to come by, so today we've got a tip for you on how to breathe some creativity into your next meeting, helping ensure your team members are engaged from the start.

So, what's our big tip on how to make meetings more productive?

Drum roll please...

Our tip is that you should sit down & play together.

Why? You ask...

Well by allowing people to play with things during your business meeting, it may help them relax their minds, relieve stress or nervous tension and, surprisingly, get focused.

Don't just take our word for it though - it's actually something that is backed up by science.

According to research compiled by TechnologyAdvice.com, playing games impacts the brain positively by increasing motivation, improving memory, driving efficiency, and even enhancing feelings of empathy among your team.

What kind of 'play' should you incorporate into your meeting?

As they say, the world (or meeting) really is your oyster.

You could just go raid your local $2 Shop & get some colouring pens & books or stress balls.

OR take it to the next level and invest in some Lego or a puzzle (Wasjigs are great) and get the entire team involved in the 'play'.

It may sound childish, but using Lego, puzzles or even brain teasers at the start of a business meeting has a secret benefit.

According to research, people feel like they have to finish a task they've started.

How does this benefit you with regards to introducing play to your meetings though?


By letting your team members work on one specific task (or 'play') over the course of many meetings, they will feel like they need to attend each meeting in order to finish what they started.

And for you, as the meeting organiser?

You're going to get engaged team members - people who actually WANT to attend your meeting.

Of course, other options include getting your team members out and about at your meeting venue.

If you book your business meeting here at Ellerslie Event Centre, you could go play some golf onsite; take a walk through our historic, park-like gardens or have our account managers help you arrange a fun team-building activity... the options are endless!

Until next time!

The team at Ellerslie Event Centre

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