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5 easy tips to elevate your next event

What is the secret to celebration success? Throwing a good event may seem relatively straightforward, but what makes a good event... great?

Champagne doesn’t hurt, obviously. But have you considered a hens do or wedding in a beautifully appointed renovated stable? Or perhaps a corporate event with panoramic views of Auckland’s largest racecourse?

Attendees enjoying our newest venue, Tote on Ascot

We've seen any and all kinds of events here at Ellerslie, from days at the track to long lunches, and believe me when I tell you the team here are the swiss army knives of event hosting.

So what are their secrets to knocking it out of the park each and every time? I’m here to spill the bubbly on how to make your soirée soar.

1. First impressions really are everything

When you first enter an event, you should be swept off your feet with the buzz of the party that you want to dive in right away. Events really do come alive with small details that make all the difference. Think champagne on arrival (where appropriate) - it always marks the beginning of a memorable occasion. Flowers, lighting and candles are also a subtle yet effective way of transforming a space and making your guests feel flat out fancy. And, most importantly, good food that’s easy to eat (especially in that cocktail setting) is essential.

2. Don’t over-do it

The best parties are those which take effort, but appear relatively casual. It’s true that the beauty is in the detail, but don’t get so caught up in the details that you lose sight of the big picture either. People tend to remember simple things done perfectly; great food, groovy music, and a beautifully presented room is often all it takes to wow your guests. Whether it’s a wedding or a board meeting, Ellerslie Event Centre have rooms and packages that will capture the mood of the event perfectly, and the experienced team knows how to add just the right amount of finishing touches.

3. Have someone to greet your guests

Depending on the style and size of the event, make sure there’s an appropriate plan in place to intercept and welcome guests. If having a designated person would be too much, at least have someone who can keep an eye out for new arrivals and let them know where they should be going. It’s a small point, but those few seconds of standing around awkwardly can scare people more than you might think.

4. The host should be having fun too!

A great party is all about a relaxed host. If you’re confident that everything is taken care of, it allows you to flit around and enjoy everyone's company. That’s where having a great event planner and event space comes in, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and leave it to the professionals. Ellerslie Event Centre comes with the option of full catering, wait staff, bar staff and everything in between - so you can focus on what really matters, no matter the occasion.

5. Choose your space wisely

An appropriate venue is arguably the most crucial part of throwing any successful event. Considering logistics and accessibility is always a factor, as well as scoping out how much space you’ll need, if networking is to come into play, for example, the last thing you want is a tight squeeze! Whether it’s an intimate affair, or a music festival, picking the perfect venue is a great place to start on the journey to an epic event.

If you're looking for more tips on how to throw an unforgettable party - the team here at the Ellerslie Event Centre have plenty of advice they are more than happy to share. They've seen it all...whether it’s a showstopping event trackside, or a high school graduation ball, our team of experts will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

So whether you have a hens, corporate function, or even a wedding, do get in touch...we're very likely to have a package that will suit your event and budget but if not, we're also able to work on something bespoke - just for you!

Get in touch here.

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