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Event trends we're leaving in 2021

Like all things in life, events go through their own cyclical trends. Some become firm fixtures featuring at events for decades, while others come and go in the blink of an eye (we’re looking at you donut walls).

Indeed, not all trends are created equal - and while we don’t see the likes of flower walls and selfie stations going out of fashion anytime soon, here are a few things we’d advise you to stare clear of if you want a cliché free zone for your 2022 event.

Donut walls

Look, I know it might come across like we have a vendetta against donut walls - but let’s just say it’s a good thing these desserts appear to have shown themselves the door. No one wants to be chomping down on a crusty old donut that’s been battling out in the elements for hours on end, that's all we’re saying.

Velvet furniture

Velvet furniture is one of the trends that has unfortunately fallen victim to being too good. After bursting onto the scene and making a splash a few years ago, you couldn’t go more than a few metres without seeing a velvet occasional chair adorning rooms across the country.

This transcended into velvet furniture making an appearance at just about every event under the sun, this was all well and good until a certain Australian affordable retail store caught wind of it. Almost overnight, velvet was forced upon us in every shape and form humanly possible, until we could take no more.

It’s with a heavy heart that we must declare velvet furniture a trend that screams 2021 - and no one wants to be reminded of 2021!

Polaroid cameras

Polaroid cameras are one of those things that are great in theory, but in reality, really admin-heavy. Unless you are some organised queen who has a colour-coded, alphabetically ordered filing cabinet with all your past pictures in it, the photos themselves will likely disappear into the abyss shortly after you’ve taken them.

They’re also really expensive - and between you and I, you can download certain apps that’ll replicate the look for free.

Dried flowers

It’s not that we don’t like dried flowers, but for special occasions, they just don’t provide the same mood-lifting colour pop (and the delectable scent if you pick well!) that you get with the living, breathing alternatives. Best to keep these one confined to your living room and go down the fresh route when budget allows.

Plus, the growers have done it tough this past year so it's a nice idea to support them whenever you can.


Photobooths make us nostalgic for the Newmarket movies, but it ends there unfortunately. High-admin, high-cost, low-reward. We suggest instead going for a Selfie Station - these come with ring lights that will have your skin looking flawless and they’re a firm fixture at heaps of our events from weddings to racedays.


If you want to host a cliché-free event at Ellerslie Event Centre, check out our website here for more information.

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