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How to: Make your next team brainstorm the most creative yet

Ever feel like you’re sometimes sitting in a business meeting or brainstorm, desperately clutching for straws when it comes to solving the problem or issue you’re there to resolve?

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We all know that great ideas are the holy grail of business.

They’re what motivates your team to do their best work and, they can be the difference between an average or an amazing year for your company.

But finding that great idea can be a pretty daunting challenge and, if deadlines are looming or KPIs needing to be hit, you can’t just rely on your usual muses to deliver the inspiration.

Knowing how to brainstorm effectively is an important skill to have and, while many people cringe at the thought of a “team brainstorm”, there are ways to enjoy it.

Brainstorms can actually be a fun way to build team relationships, boost creativity, and keep your business ticking.

Today we’re sharing one tip on how to get more creativity out of your next business brainstorm.


HOW TO: Make your next team brainstorm the most creative yet

Get out the Post-It Notes and set the clock!

  1. Write down the reason why you’re needing to brainstorm – oftentimes, it’s an issue your business is trying to solve for themselves or your target audience

  2. Hand a stack of Post-It notes (the more colourful the better!) to each team member

  • ​Side note: By a “stack”, we mean give them way more than you think they’ll need

  1. Get out your phone and set the timer for two minutes

  2. Then, have everyone (you included!), write as many solutions to that problem as they can think of

  • ​Don’t worry if the ideas aren’t original, or clever, or even realistic — you just want as many ideas as possible

  1. When the timer goes off, put all the ideas into the middle of the team then have each people take turns to read them out, putting each Post-It note on the wall

  • If similar ideas are brought up, group these Post-It notes together

  1. Once you’ve gone through all the Post-It notes, remember to ask for any other ideas. Someone may be inspired by something they see on the wall… which may be just the golden nugget you’ve been looking for

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Finally, sometimes running a brain storm or think tank session at an off-site location can also help with a team's creative 'flow'.

An alternative venue may offer up a fun & inspiring space, have peaceful grounds that help with concentration, have your team feel like they have been treated to a 'get-away' just by being out of their usual 'work-as-usual' space or offer team-building activities that will further help develop empathy and trust between team members.

Here at Ellerslie Event Centre, we've got all that. If you'd like to know more, contact our friendly (and inspiring!) team today.

Good luck with the creative brainstorming!

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