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How to: understand event terminology - Part 2

Planning an event but overwhelmed by all the jargon?

Every industry has its own terms, slang and buzz words thrown around by those in the know - and events are no different.

To make sure you can keep up with the chat when planning your next event, we’ve put together a list of words you’re likely to come across, so you can talk the talk with the best of them.

Hopefully you've already checked out Part 1 & so today, you're ready for Part 2



Pax is the number of people at your event, generally used in reference to the number being catered for with food & drink

Lectern – A stand with a slanted top (to hold a book or notes). Usually placed at the front of the room and used for presenting from

Move in, pack in, load in – The part of your event where everything is brought in & set-up - whether that might be flowers, theming, chairs or even goodie bags

Move out, pack out, break down – The tail end of your evenr where everything that had been brought in to 'create' it, is moved out again

PA system – Also known as a 'Public address system', this most commonly consists of a microphone and speaker system

Pax – The number of people attending your event and generally in reference to the number of people food & drinks are being catered for. Sometimes this term is referenced as 'Covers'

Podium or riser – A low platform

Rego – Short hand for 'Registration' - this is the part of event where you greet guests on arrival and often tick their names off a list, provide them name tags or similar

Example of skirting

Skirting – Decorative fabric that surrounds a head table or staging, commonly seen at weddings

Site visit – When you book a time to come and have a look around the venue prior to your event, generally your Account Manager will accompany you

Trestle table - A 1.8m(l) x 0.7m(w) table with foldable legs

Webcast or simulcast – An event that is broadcast live over the internet

Whilst not an exhaustive list, the above terms are the most common phrases thrown around by event professionals. However – if a word comes up that you aren’t familiar with, feel free to ask your friendly account manager – they're there for that very purpose.

Thanks for reading!

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