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Real life inspo to make your next event memorable…in all the right ways

Here we are again, mid-lockdown with plenty of scroll time to seek out the latest and greatest in all things events…but how can you know which ideas look great on Instagram but just don’t translate to real life?

Well keep reading as we’ve chatted to some of the Ellerslie Event Centre team and they’ve shared some proven gems to make sure your next event is a memorable experience – in all the right ways!


Our Senior Brand Manager, Laura Madden, recently saw an event where they used a cool flower cart as the centrepiece of the room and commented: “It looked great, but more importantly, it did double duty as when attendees went to depart, the company brought a florist in to create little 'keepsake' bouquets using the decorative floral for all the guests to take home. I thought it was a lovely way to provide a memory of the event that could be enjoyed for days.”

Sales Manager, Vanessa Huntley, had a COVID twist on the ‘take home’ concept.

“At an event I attended recently there was an activation where by during breaks the attendees could create their own hand sanitizer. They were able to combine various elements and perfumes and bottle it up to take home as a memento from the event but also keep them safe when out and about.”

If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your next business event, Account Manager – Events, Alex Biggs had a great suggestion…

“I think an awesome idea are coffee tastings - I discussed with a client recently about arranging a coffee tasting on arrival to get delegates engaged from their first step in the door. An artisan coffee roaster can chat through the varying methods used to prepare different beans, allow them to taste the blend/origin options and learn a bit more about that daily staple. And then if you want to really give them a memorable experience, allow delegates to take home a bag of their favourite – your event will be thought of every morning!”

If you can’t allow the time in a busy event schedule for an actual tasting, another idea that resonated with the team was a company that took the time to find out the team's barista coffee order and had flat whites, lattes and hot chocs delivered to the room right before the meeting started. A nice upgrade from filter coffee and something so easy to do with a great 'feel good' result!

If you’ve got a significant occasion coming up where you’ve splashed out on a photographer (or just expect to keep and enjoy the snaps long after), an event trend that Brooke Cartwright, our Marketing Assistant, has seen recently and noted because she loved the idea for a wedding or special birthday was where the dress code for guests was ‘neutrals’. It meant all attendees fit the theme for the rest of the day and the end result was AMAZING photographs.

Another member of our account management team, Zayani Senevirathne, agreed and said she’d seen the same idea in action at a recent 21st celebration. The guests were instructed to wear black and the birthday girl was in red – making sure there was no doubt as to who had reached that milestone!

We’re going to leave you with one final idea from Eve t’Hooft, Senior Account Manager – Events. She told us about a wedding she attended a few years ago where the setting was a seaside cliff in Spain.

She commented, “it was a spectacular location for sure, but as you can imagine there was no shade at all and it was a sunny summer day. Luckily the couple had organised vintage parasols to hand out to their guests to provide shade. It was a lovely solution and added even more romance to their gorgeous ceremony.”

Such a great idea – and something that you can use as inspiration for that thoughtful touch for your next event...blankets for an evening dinner perhaps, personalised wine glasses at a cocktail party, or delegate packs that contain restaurant recommendations for the area around the hotel? The world is your oyster and it’s the little things that provide a lasting positive impression of your event.


Have an event coming up that you’d like some help with? Get in touch with the team here and we’d be more than happy to chat – from the comfort of the couch of course!

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