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#TBT: King's College School Ball

Each year we host a LOT of school events - school balls, graduations, reunions, sports awards... you name it, we host it.

In fact, we've calculated that we've had more than 500 school balls held here in recent years.

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Having been to so many balls, if we were a student you could either call us a school ball groupie, a school ball expert, or just someone who knows a really good night out when they see one.

One of our preferred suppliers, NZDJ, puts together some pretty snazzy clips of the balls they play at so today, because a video says more than the 1,000 words a picture does, we're sharing a wee clip they pulled together from the King's College School Ball which was held here - complete with a hypnotist!

See if you can spot us... we're in there somewhere... lol.


AND if you liked that clip, check out that one time we were on Seven Sharp chatting to the team about school balls.

Of course, if you're looking for an experienced venue that can pull off your next school event (and help make it insta-worthy), you can:

Until next time!

The team at Ellerslie Event Centre

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