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Top 5 reasons you should join a shared Christmas party this year

We know it can be tough to find an amazing end-of-year party option for a smaller workplace without blowing the budget, so a shared Christmas party is the ideal choice.

1. Unbeatable atmosphere

By choosing to celebrate the festivities at a shared Christmas party, smaller companies or groups can still give their employees that wow-factor. You won’t beat the atmosphere at a shared party; more people means more fun to be had! With a delish drink on arrival, luxe Christmas themed buffet and dessert station, plus live music and plenty more, the BIG Little Christmas Party at Pukekohe Park ticks a lot of boxes.

2. Socialise with new people

A shared event means your small group will be part of a far bigger picture. You will have the opportunity to socialise with people you otherwise probably wouldn’t have met, making this end-of-year event an invaluable opportunity to network.

Shared Christmas parties are created with small businesses in mind, so the room is likely to be filled with like-minded people from all different kinds of industries, not only making the night more enjoyable, but giving you the ability to make connections you can take back into the workplace.

Win win, right?!

3. Stick it to the budget

Organising your own end-of-year party can often see costs getting out of hand, and with small groups, you generally have to pay more per person to cover the overall costs. However, being part of a much bigger event means you join a pool of people and all get to reap the benefits.

A shared event will give you the opportunity to experience a party that is completely different to any other option you may be looking at with your budget.

4. We do the work

Trying to organise a Christmas party for work colleagues is always going to leave at least one person stressed, whereas with a shared Christmas party, a team of experienced event managers have done all the hard work for you, so every member of your group can relax and enjoy the evening, without having to worry about the running of the night.

Let’s face it, trying to put together a Christmas party is never an easy feat, trying to stick to the budget, organising everything separately and trying to ensure all runs smoothly - so leave it to us and come and enjoy this great event!

5. Festive spirit

A shared end-of-year event brings everyone together to celebrate the year that was and to simply have a good time, so you’re bound to get swept up in all this excitement, leaving you readier than ever to see in the holiday season! We have the ability to pull out all the extra stops so the night will just keep getting better.


Sound like a bit of you?

To find out more about the BIG Little Christmas Party end-of-year event - taking place on 10 December at Pukekohe Park, please visit our website here.

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