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Top ways to get Spartan Fit | Part 1

With the Spartan Auckland City Sprint taking place here at Ellerslie Event Centre in a few weeks time (2-3 August 2019), we've had the team behind the great event put together their top ways on how to get Spartan fit.

Today we give you their first three tips.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for their final two tips!

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Get Fit Tip #1. Target Weaknesses

You no doubt love working on what you are good at. We all do. But don’t forget that your weaknesses are what hold you back, not your strengths.

Sometimes we spend too much time on what we are already good at.

We’re not saying to ignore your strength; keep training it but cut back to open time for what you struggle the most with.

If you aren’t sure, going through an assessment or working with a coach to determine where you need to focus your efforts is of the utmost importance to get you really prepared for the Spartan Auckland City Sprint.

You’d be amazed how much time this can save you!


Get Fit Tip #2. Workout Anywhere

Workouts don’t always have to be planned, they don’t have to be in a gym, and they don’t have to be long.

In fact, don’t think of it as working out. Think of it as practice for the upcoming Spartan Auckland City Sprint.

You can practice things whenever you have a minute or two. Even just a few seconds. What if every morning when you step out of bed, you drop to the floor and do 10 push-ups? Sure, it isn’t going to change everything, but you are establishing a great habit. If all else failed that day and you didn’t get a chance to work out, you at least did something positive. And usually starting the day with something active leads to more activity throughout the day.

Have a pull-up bar in your home? Every time you walk by it, do one pull-up or hang for 30 seconds. Again, doing this once isn’t going to do much, but if you do it a few times a day it adds up. Suddenly you can crank out 10 pull-ups without breaking a sweat!

Maybe you are stuck at work all day and can’t do some of these things. Park as far away from your office as you can, or better yet, ride your bike to work. Use the stairs whenever possible. And keep a grip ball at your desk to squeeze throughout the day. Combine that with your bike to the office and run up the stairs, and these things can add up.


Get Fit Tip #3. Get Creative

Are you stuck in the mind-set that it must be a 60-minute workout or it doesn’t matter?

We can list tons of research articles, like the Tabata study, that show just a few minutes of intense training can lead to some of the same benefits of long duration training. You just need to be creative with setting up your efficient workouts.

You can try every minute on the minute–style workout (EMOM).

For example:

  • Pick three exercises

  • Start a timer

  • The first round, you perform two reps of each exercise. You have one minute to complete

  • If you finish early, rest for the remainder of the minute

  • At the start of the next minute, add two reps

  • Repeat this until you cannot complete the circuit in that minute

Try these exercises when first giving it a go:

  • Kettlebell squat high pull, push-ups, and TRX rows

See if you can make it more than 10 minutes!

Another efficient workout that will push you is just setting a timer for however many minutes you have free.

Have 10 minutes to spare for a workout? Pick four exercises, perform eight reps of each, and see how many rounds you can get through in 10 minutes.

This is all guaranteed to get you both mentally and physically prepared for tackling 20 epic Spartan obstacles this August.



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