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Top ways to get Spartan Fit | Part 2

With the Spartan Auckland City Sprint taking place here at Ellerslie Event Centre at the end of next week (2-3 August 2019), we've had the team behind the great event put together their top ways on how to get Spartan fit.

Today we give you their final two tips.

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Get Fit Tip #4. Get Selective

You can probably cut back or eliminate things from your workout to save you even more time.

Focus on the fundamentals and the big movement patterns.

When you train this way, you can eliminate most isolation movements. Sure, bicep exercises feel great and make your shirt a little tighter, but is that the most important part of your training? I hope not, but if your sole purpose is bigger arms, then just cut out the rest of your body and you will have a super-short workout that can still be effective.

A study back in 2000 from Ball State University showed that when they added bicep curls and triceps extensions to a workout of compound lifts, they saw no additional improvement in size or strength of the arms.

Stick to the big patterns of squatting, lifting, pushing, and pulling. Those will cover all the muscles that you need.

They sound simple, but you won’t believe how long 10 minutes can feel.


Get Fit Tip #5. Time Yourself

To finish up, we combine trimming the fat with timing your workouts.

Have you ever tracked how much of your workout time you spend just standing around or talking?

Sure, there is a point to resting, but 30–60 seconds is more than enough time to rest for your next set. And if you combine two non-competing exercises, like a squat and a push-up, you can reduce your rest even more.

To make the most out of your workout with little to no wasted time, try escalating density training:

  • Here you will pick two non-competing exercises

  • You will perform five reps of each using roughly 10-rep max weight

  • Set a timer for 5–10 minutes and see how many rounds you can get

  • Since you are using your lighter weight and non-competing exercises, you won’t need much rest and can keep a pace back and forth

  • Once you finish the set, rest for one to two minutes and repeat with a new set of exercises.

  • You can do this for as many supersets as you can fit in, but if you can, go for three supersets for a total of six exercises.

If you did five-minute sets with two minutes of rest between, you would finish a total body workout in just 19 minutes. That’s efficient!

That’s also going to get you ripped before you smash out the 5km Sprint here at Ellerslie later next week!


And that's the end of our Spartan fitspo series! Hopefully these give you just a few ideas on ways to be more efficient, yet still get an incredible workout.

This can be your whole training plan if you can’t seem to find the time for more, or try it when you are in a time crunch and don’t want to completely miss out.

Good luck!

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